Our unique virtue as humans is noesis--rational intellect. We exercise it in a variety of ways, but intellect is exercised qua intellect in just those two activities called art and science. Together, art and science constitute culture. Humans have accordingly created a variety of institutions for the purpose of preserving, transmitting, and creating art and science.

Universities generally have this function, but have other purposes as well. Universities are more typically institutions which train the young for careers, and only secondarily support and encourage art and science.

There is therefore a need for institutions dedicated solely to the preservation, transmission, and creation of culture--art and science.

The purpose of the Avondale Institute shall be served by

a.       Bringing together interested people for discussions and seminars;

b.      Publication and support for publication of works of art and science;

c.       Study and support for study in art and science;

d.      Sponsoring lectures, concerts, exhibitions and seminars;

e.       Providing support for radical, experimental and speculative works in art and science;

f.       Such other means as may be deemed appropriate by the members of the Institute.